We bake 7 days a week. While you are sleeping our bakers are moulding and baking fresh bread and cakes ready for you to devour each day.


The story behind our Sourdough…

Traditional Sourdough is made from wild yeast. We have created our wild yeast leaven from lactose bacteria harvested from the skin of ‘Otway Red’ potatoes – a traditional method dating back 100′s of years. The lactose bacteria and the natural yeast in our atmosphere have been brewed with flour and water to make our own leaven. The leaven is fed each day to encourage growth, Leavens can ‘live’ for many years.

Our Sourdough is made from flour, water, salt, olive oil and our own leaven. Once it’s all mixed together, it’s left to ferment for up to 36 hours to produce the carbon dioxide bubbles in the dough, causing it to rise!

One of the health benefits of wild yeast Sourdough happens during the fermentation process. Up to 90% of the gluten in the dough is broken down over the resting period, making Sourdough much easier to digest.

Our Sourdough range includes Stoneground White Rye, Pumpkin Seed, Potato & Onion, Seeded, Spiced Fruit with Kirsch and 100% Rye.


Pear and walnut, orange and almond or apple and rhubarb

Date and honey thick sliced

Allergies: Our bakers use nuts, milk and gluten in some products so our machinery may contain traces of these ingredients. Should you have any concerns please ask our staff.


Our cakes and pastries contain only fresh cream and are baked fresh each morning. We also carry a range of gluten free muffins. Seasonally we change our range, but from time to time can include:

Fresh cream and strawberry jam sandwiched between 2 flaky pastry strips dusted in icing sugar

Choux pastry sphere filled with custard cream and topped with chocolate fondant

Chocolate Éclairs
Choux pastry case filled with fresh cream and covered in milk chocolate

Apple Turnovers
A flaky pastry crescent filled with stewed apples and fresh cream and dusted with icing sugar

Custard Tarts
Shortcrust pastry case filled with real egg custard and topped with nutmeg

Fruit Flans
Shortcrust pastry filled with custard cream, topped with fresh fruit

Apple Cakes
Shortcrust pasty with stewed apples, topped with white fondant

Mocha Rings
Choux pasty rings filled with fresh cream and topped with coffee fondant and chocolate

Mushroom Cakes
Shortcrust pastry shell filled with raspberry jam, piped fresh cream, nutmeg and topped off with a shortcrust stork

Jelly Slice
Biscuit base, cheesecake centre and red currant jelly top, just like Nanna used to make

Vanilla Slice
Flaky pastry sheets filled with custard and iced

Coconut Slice
Biscuit base, strawberry jam and topped with coconut

Apple Slice
Shortcrust pastry filled with stewed apples

Fruit Pies
Apple centre or mixed berry centre

Iced, Cinnamon or hot jam filled ones

Baked daily, plain, wholemeal and date or cheese and chive

Apple Scroll
Yeast buns filled with spice, sultanas and stewed apples and topped off with strawberry fondant

Seasonal flavours

Coffee Scroll
Yeast buns filled with coffee, spice, sultanas and topped off with coffee fondant

Jam Tarts
An all time favourite – either lemon or strawberry filled

A winner with the kids, topped off with sprinkles

Vanilla sponge, filled with jam and covered in chocolate icing and shredded coconut, an Australian tradition

Anzac Biscuits
Oats and golden syrup, very Australian

Light, buttery and crumbly, just like Nanna made

Bee Sting
A light biscuit base, topped with custard cream and toasted almonds and honey

Lightly moulded meringue sandwiched with a flavoured butter cream


Our breads are preservative free. Our range includes:

A versatile bread, great for sandwiches or toast

Healthy and filling, our wholemeal loaves are great sliced for toast or used in sandwiches

Full of whole grains and seeds – you can’t beat it

A taste and texture all of its own, great for breakfast

A full bodied sourdough with a crusty exterior

Dark and Seedy
Dark rye bread containing seeds and grain galore

Made with semolina – great for soup or toast

Fruit and Nut
Wholemeal dough laced with whole apricots, mixed fruit, dates, figs, hazelnuts and spice